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PUCK knows how to control more than 220,000 other devices

PUCK knows how to control more than 220,000 other devices, and it [more]


SmashToast’s PUCK works with a variety of devices including a television, space [more]


Microsoft pledges $5B Internet of Things investment over 4 years

Microsoft said Wednesday it plans to invest $5 billion in the complicated-but-exciting [more]


Study finds renters value smart home tech above traditional amenities

Never mind your pools, your hot tubs, the exercise room or a [more]


A tale of pluck – Barnabas Helmy’s electronic Puck

BY PATRICK YEAGLE Like many inventions, Barnabas Helmy’s PUCK began with a [more]


Home smart home

John Gomes is already living in the future. An early adopter of [more]


Simplify your life – use the power of the smartphone to control your home

A Smart Home? It’s so simple with PUCK! Attach PUCK on or [more]


This Is the Smart Home of the Future

Don’t worry: Technology may come and go, but some things never change. [more]


Goodbye to wasted time spent searching for misplaced remotes — PUCK is here!

With PUCK you can have all of your remotes in one place…on [more]


PUCK is All Over the Country!

Take a look and see just how geographically varied PUCK users are [more]

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