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Smart Home Market Size & Share will hit $53.45 Billion by 2022!

The global smart home market is expected to grow at a CAGR [more]


The Impact Of The Digital Revolution On The Smart Home Industry

“Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the use of home [more]


PUCK Smart Remote, No Hub Required!

Attach PUCK on or near a device that uses an IR remote, [more]


What excites you the most regarding the future of SmashToast?

Barnabas Helmy, CEO of SmashToast: “After three years. When I first started this [more]


Do you know the story of how PUCK was invented? Hear it [more]


PUCK – The Affordable Smart Home

With PUCK, you too can enjoy the smart home experience without spending [more]


SmashToast: The End of Remotes

Remote controls are one of the modern inventions of our time that [more]


Save time and frustration with PUCK

Save your loved ones time and frustration by helping them -PUCK it [more]


A recent Amazon review – and a PUCK special!

A recent Amazon review: “Pretty handy to have available, glad I purchased. [more]


PUCK knows how to control more than 220,000 other devices

PUCK knows how to control more than 220,000 other devices, and it [more]

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