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A Sneak Preview — PUCK 2 !

The incredible PUCK 2 – a sneak preview! www.getpuck.com 


Be smart when picking a smart home automation platform

CES took place this week, the annual consumer electronics trade show where [more]


Toss your remote in three easy steps with PUCK!

Hate remotes? Get PUCK and toss out outdated technology forever in just [more]


Alexa, Google Assistant want to be everywhere in 2018

At one section of Google’s giant outdoor booth at CES was an impromptu, carney-style one-man show, [more]


Live-action shot from SmashToast’s PUCK booth at CES 2018!

The activity around the CES2018 SmashToast and PUCK booth is electric! Here’s [more]


The SmashToast team has arrived: CES 2018 – Las Vegas, Nevada!

The team at SmashToast enjoyed incredible start CES 2018 in Las Vegas, [more]


CES 2018 – What to expect

It’s January, which means that Las Vegas, or the bit that pretends [more]


SmashToast: A Culture of Customer Service

We love to hear from our customers about the ease and efficiency [more]


‘Lt. Dan’ gives smart homes to wounded vets

‘Lt. Dan’ gives smart homes to wounded vets Most moviegoers know the [more]


SmashToast – Who we are

SmashToast was founded in March 2014 with a desire to make life [more]

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