What excites you the most regarding the future of SmashToast?


What excites you the most regarding the future of SmashToast?

Barnabas Helmy, CEO of SmashToast: “After three years. When I first started this company, I was told that “smart home” and “IoT” were the buzzwords, believe it or not. And I was told you wanna try and “ride the wave”. And I was like, I am. This is happening. This is going to be a big thing.”

Read the rest of Mr. Helmy’s interview with Retail Bound on SmashToast and its flagship product, PUCK, by clicking here: Hardware to Retail: Interview with SmashToast


Do you know the story of how PUCK was invented? Hear it from SmashToast’s very own CEO and Founder, Barnabas Helmy:
“Well, I was sitting on the sofa watching TV with my two year old daughter and she was chewing on the Apple TV remote. When I went to change the channel, it no longer worked. This was the 2nd remote that she had chewed on and destroyed.”
This incident was only a few short years ago. That is when Mr. Helmy retreated to his basement workshop where he tinkered, experimented and then, eventually he came up with the idea for the PUCK – now being sold all over the world!

PUCK – The Affordable Smart Home


PUCK – The Affordable Smart Home

With PUCK, you too can enjoy the smart home experience without spending thousands of dollars to automate. We’ve made the smart home affordable, easy, and fun! Expand your digital footprint while simplifying your life and tossing your remotes. Get yours today at PUCK!


SmashToast: The End of Remotes


SmashToast: The End of Remotes

Remote controls are one of the modern inventions of our time that have gotten more and more unwieldy as the years go by. They’re easy to break or misplace, and often times have convoluted controls. PUCK is a new invention by the software developer SmashToast, that seeks to put an end to remotes by utilizing mobile technology.

“How it works is you stick to the PUCK to a receiver in your home, like your television,” explained Barnabas Helmy, the CEO and co-founder of SmashToast. “You then connect it to your phone using Bluetooth, and you have all the options of a remote on your phone.” The product presents the option to bookmark channels, as well as control multiple devices from just your phone. “It works for anything that you can control with an infra-red remote.”

PUCK – Internal Components!


PUCK – Internal Components!


So what does this amazing hardware innovation help bring you?!

  • No line of sight – Hide all your audio/visual equipment behind closed cabinet doors.  You can control your components from up to 150 feet away.
  • No wires – PUCK uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), so there are no wires or cables.
  • Self powered – PUCK lasts for up to 3 years on a single coin cell battery!  No power cords and no need to recharge.
  • Zones for different rooms – PUCK uses proximity sensing, so each PUCK knows how close it is to another and creates “Zones” for component groups.
  • No limit on number of components – Attach a PUCK to each of your A/V components. There is no maximum number.*

Save time and frustration with PUCK


Save time and frustration with PUCK

Save your loved ones time and frustration by helping them -PUCK it – and toss the remote in 3 easy steps.

1 ) Attach PUCK on or near a device that uses an Infrared remote!

2) Download and pair with the free PUCK Remote App for iOS and Android!

3) Toss your remotes!


Barnabas Helmy – “Innovator of the Year” at the UIS * iSPI * SIU Illinois Capital Innovation Awards


Barnabas Helmy – “Innovator of the Year” at the UIS * iSPI * SIU Illinois Capital Innovation Awards

We are proud to announce that SmashToast CEO, Barnabas Helmy of Springfield, and creator of The PUCK, was honored with an “Innovator of the Year” award at the UIS * iSPI * SIU Illinois Capital Innovation Awards. Congratulations, Barnabas!

PUCK knows how to control more than 220,000 other devices


PUCK knows how to control more than 220,000 other devices

PUCK knows how to control more than 220,000 other devices, and it can learn new infrared codes for devices it hasn’t already met. One PUCK can control multiple devices, allowing users to “toss those remotes.” Get yours today by visiting www.getpuck.com! 


SmashToast’s PUCK works with a variety of devices including a television, space heater and Apple TV.

PUCK is different from our competitors because it is a wireless solution to connect traditional infrared-remote controlled devices to the smartphone.

We focused on simplicity over confusing features, and our modest price point gives our customers a low-cost solution to enter into the smart home revolution! www.getpuck.com

Study finds renters value smart home tech above traditional amenities

PUCK by SmashToast. Control your home with your smartphone.

Study finds renters value smart home tech above traditional amenities

The company surveyed more than 1,000 residents and reached some surprising conclusions as to the adoption of smart home tech by renters. The survey revealed that the most important smart home services to renters are security cameras, including doorbell cameras and ceiling-mounted surveillance cameras, keyless entry with special codes for guests, smart thermostats, and a security system. The other strong desire that emerged from the study found that one of residents’ top amenities would be an electronic payment system, rendering the need to write the monthly rent check irrelevant.

Interestingly, the survey found that residents aren’t bound by smart home brand loyalty. Unlike more established devices like cellphones or laptops, smart home brands haven’t yet established themselves as the gold standard in the rental market. 33 percent of respondents registered “no preference” when it comes to smart home devices; 16 percent are happy with Google Home, 12 percent to Amazon Echo, and just 11 percent to Apple’s troubled new HomePod.

“It’s really about the different technologies and the platform all being able to talk to each other,” said Alan Missen of property management company FirstService Residential recently of the branding challenges. “One of the challenges in the industry is that there are not a lot of standards. New technology comes out and there’s seven ways of doing it.”

“While pools and other creative community features have often been seen as the draw for prospective residents, the survey shows that what residents really value upon move-in, and are willing to pay for, are technology add-ons and amenities.” said Chase Harrington, president and chief operating officer of Entrata. “Shifting the focus of development, marketing, and training efforts to these technologies is going to be key for apartments as residents begin to demand living in a smart, connected environment.”

According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, 35 percent of the U.S. population of 112 million individuals rent versus buying a home. Historically, these people tend to live in urban areas and the demographics trend younger in age, making them the sweet spot for marketing smart home tech.

The top smart home features residents said they would pay a premium for include a basic technology package including high-speed Internet, online rent payments, secure access, smart home features such as keyless entry, and an automated maintenance request system. More than half of residents (57 percent) indicated they are willing to increase their rent payment by at least $20 per month to get the high-tech apartment they desire, and about one in four were willing to chip more than $30 per month.

Competing services include Vivint’s Smart Properties, which lets property managers design their own smart home systems, and Castle Lanterra Properties’ System Galaxy, which lets property managers remotely limit access to buildings and amenities, 24/7. PointCentral, a subsidiary of Alarm.com, also provides residential property managers with a smart home platform help increase property awareness and reduce energy costs.



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