The Impact Of The Digital Revolution On The Smart Home Industry

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"Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the use of home automation technology in the U.S. The digital revolution (especially in the world of IoT) has fueled an exciting new phase with companies in the home automation industry, offering consumers new and improved smart home technologies and giving rise to a totally interconnected, easy-to-control [...]

Making connections: adopters catch on to the benefits of using smart-home devices

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Many consumers have so far been reluctant to buy devices for the connected home, leading makers to focus keenly on delivering goods that can genuinely help with daily tasks. Your alarm rings. You hit the snooze button, triggering your coffee pot to start brewing and the lights to turn on gradually.  Your mattress senses that [...]

Smart home automation and connectivity

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Smart home automation and connectivity By Tony Jeff: Since at least the introduction of The Jetson’s television show in 1962, the hope of a fully automated “smart home” has been an alluring and tantalizing idea. Unfortunately, though, few areas in technology have been as disappointing and elusive as smart homes that really make our lives [...]