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Introducing PUCK

Control your life with the simplicity of one app.

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Control your TV, your amplifier, your air conditioner…

Simply place PUCK on your device, download the app (for Android and iOS), and enjoy!  No wifi necessary.  PUCK works through walls, up to 150 feet away, and lasts for years on a single coin cell battery! And at barely bigger than a quarter, PUCK is so discrete you won’t even notice it.

For about $25, PUCK creates a bridge between your TV and your smartphone. Just place PUCK on the front of your device and with the accompanying free app, you can watch what you want with the push of single button. It communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy, so you can control your media from up to 150 feet away, even through walls!



  • Simple interface – Designed to give you the features and functionality you want, with no learning curve.
  • Channel Listings – Just select your provider, and PUCK provides a list of available channels.
  • Search – Enter the name of a TV show, movie title, actor’s name, song title, video game title, etc., and PUCK finds it for you.  Can’t remember the complete title? No problem. PUCK even works with partial information.
  • Create shortcuts – Turn on your TV, change the input to HDMI 2, turn on your cable box, tune to ESPN, and adjust the volume…  all with a single button.
  • Organize media – Filter and sort your media into categories for quicker access.
  • PUCK learns – The more you use it, the smarter it gets. The app creates Favorites based on the shows you watch most often.


  • No line of sight – Hide all your audio/visual equipment behind closed cabinet doors.  You can control your components from up to 150 feet away.
  • No wires – PUCK uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), so there are no wires or cables.
  • Self powered – PUCK lasts for up to 3 years on a single coin cell battery!  No power cords and no need to recharge.
  • Zones for different rooms – PUCK uses proximity sensing, so each PUCK knows how close it is to another and creates “Zones” for component groups.
  • No limit on number of components – Attach a PUCK to each of your A/V components. There is no maximum number.*

Keepin’ it Local

PUCK has been designed, engineered, manufactured & assembled in the United States.