Study finds renters value smart home tech above traditional amenities

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Never mind your pools, your hot tubs, the exercise room or a barbecue grill. A new study out by property management company Entrata shows the vast majority of the country’s estimated 40 million plus renters value new and evolving smart home amenities over traditional benefits offered to apartment dwellers. The company surveyed more than 1,000 residents and reached some [...]

A tale of pluck – Barnabas Helmy’s electronic Puck

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BY PATRICK YEAGLE Like many inventions, Barnabas Helmy’s PUCK began with a problem. Helmy’s daughter, two years old at the time, ruined the remote control for their home’s Apple TV by chewing on it. “They’re expensive, and it’s not even that functional of a remote,” Helmy said, sharing a story he has told dozens of [...]

Home smart home

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John Gomes is already living in the future. An early adopter of the kind of advanced smart home technology that is a fantasy for most of us, Gomes had his new Tribeca apartment intelligently connected about six months ago. He still gets a thrill when he realizes how much he can accomplish by doing almost [...]