How to Build a Smart Home Where Everything Might Actually Work

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 How to Build a Smart Home Where Everything Might Actually Work Image: Apple The smart home future is here... sort of. But really how smart are a bunch of different devices all speaking different languages? Unfortunately, the smart home can be very stupid and often takes longer to set up than breathless advertisements imply. We’re [...]

Smart Speakers Are Driving Smart-Home Growth

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Voice control in the connected-home market will rapidly expand the adoption of such devices, according to the latest forecast from Park Associates. Welcoming attendees to its 21stannual Connections: The Premier Connected Home Conference, which begins today in San Francisco, Parks is forecasting U.S. consumers will buy more than 2.3 billion connected devices between 2015 and [...]

It’s becoming easier than ever to enter the smart home

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Whatever your needs, there's a smart home platform for you To date, getting into smart home technology has been a bit limiting. If you wanted home automation, the options weren't exactly vast. If you wanted a smart speaker, Amazon's Echo-system was where you turned. If you had other needs, or if other platforms that worked [...]