Day 2 at the TechShop.

While we finalize the manufacturing details for our public beta test group, we continue to refine the PUCK app.  This will be an ongoing process, with many “wish list” features on the back burner until more resources are available. What Andrew has been able to do by himself is staggering and something that can most likely be appreciated only by those in the field.

At least 20,000 lines of original code to get where we are at.  We are certainly pushing BLE to it’s limits with this project, as has been evidenced by a few unexpected limitations with our module.  Although, with development, the unexpected is always expected.

As Andrew was testing controlling multiple PUCKs from his phone, we tried it on my MacBook and were reminded of a previous Eureka moment.  Opening this up to other developers will make PUCK so much fun for hackers – especially with the implementation of future sensors.  Don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves, though.  First things first.