CESSmashToast makes an appearance at CES

I was able to make the trip to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.  Though the purpose of going was pre-scheduled meetings, I did have a few hours to scratch the surface of the show, and though it was incredible, I left Las Vegas with a renewed sense of purpose knowing that we have entered the right space.  As the CEO of Samsung, Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, made abundantly clear, the Internet of Things is where it’s at, SmashToast is positioned well.

Where is my PUCK!?

We gave the go ahead to begin tooling the mold for the PUCK housing after making several refinements.  We were lucky to have the talents of Colin Heshmat, who assisted with the design of our beta version. We estimate the shell being completed in 2 weeks.PUCK housing

There is one issue with the hardware that has caused us to hold off pulling the trigger which involves “deep sleep” of the BLE module.  Once that issue is sorted out (or bypassed for the beta period), we’ll give the go ahead to have the boards manufactured.  That process requires the longest lead time, which is 4 weeks.  This is a limited run so delivery to us could be sooner than that, and since we are 30 miles from the manufacturing facility & the injection molder, there should be no delay due to delivery.

We are on target with software development and haven’t been hit with any major unexpected problems.  Android is a little behind iOS, which is just how our workflow is structured. So with that taken into account, our expected shipment date is mid-february.

Stay tuned, SmashToast has an exciting future ahead!


Barnabas Helmy

President & CEO

SmashToast, Inc.